March 26, 2020

COVID-19 Support + Acceleration Program

COVID-19 Support + Acceleration Program

It is above two months that everyone and every particular business have got stirred by the new COVID-19 spread situation. It was not also relaxed times for our company at Agileful. But we believe it is more significant to help our clients and potential ones to survive rather than thinking of ourselves. We thought a lot about how we can support our clients to be able to move forward and cross this circumstance. In our opinion, that is what guarantees our future after this crisis and not struggling to acquire more paying clients.

Especially for early-stage startups who were planning to build their prototype or MVP, it isn't effortless to digest what is going on at the very beginning of their startup.  We want to help such entrepreneurs to be able to move forward as fast as possible with less financial concerns in this state.

We already have an Acceleration Program that covers 50% of development costs plus technical and product support of building an MVP. This program also encompasses all CTO and CPO roles, at least during the first six months of the startup. You can have a look at how the program works at the link below:

Although we are facilitating this program by accepting more than one startup per month, that would not be good enough if the founders have not additional funding sources. For that purpose, until the end of June, we are considering further support for selected startups as below:

Pay only 40% of the development costs:

You will pay only 40% of the development costs, and instead of 60% we calculate 50% of the development costs for a Equity / Convertible Loan based on current value of the startup.

As has been mentioned in the Acceleration Program Page, the development cost calculates by getting proposals from fair-price agencies.

The two-months interval for the last payment:

Depends on the size of the MVP, the final payment after delivery would be one third or half of the whole project. During the COVID crisis, and till the end of June, you will have a two-months interval option to delay the final payment.

Simple Calculation:

Let's imagine we are building a two months MVP with a price of 30,000 EUR. So you will pay only 40% of the cost, which means 12,000 EUR. And agileful will receive equity for the value of 15,000 EUR only. For the 12,000 EUR, the startup owes to pay; you will pay 6,000 EUR as down-payment. After delivering the project, you suppose to pay the remaining 6,000 EUR immediately. But with this particular program, you are allowed to delay the closing payment for two months after the delivery.

How do we assure the delivery:

We cover our costs from two resources. One is the about quarter of MVP development cost you pay us. The other one is the fixed amount of budget we have already allocated for this purpose. That is why we are going to accept the limited startups still.

Why is it so crucial that you know where do we source the projects? Because we want you and ourselves to be assured, we are going to deliver high-quality products on time and without any risk the same as always.

How to apply:

Directly through our acceleration program link:

Write us an email to:

Set an appointment for a video call at the link below:

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