Empowering Your Business with agileBOT

Embark on Your AI Journey Discover the transformative Power of agileBOT, where cutting-edge AI meets bespoke business solutions.Our team specializes in creating intelligent bots that elevate efficiency and personalize customer engagement.
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Key Benefits of agileBOT
Elevating Business Operations Across the Spectrum


Standard Plan

9,900 €

🔷 Messages and file history
🔷 On-Premise deployment
🔷 Textual custom data source
🔷 Text response message
🔷 ChatGPT powered

Enterprise Plan


🔷 Messages and file history
🔷 Cloud / On-Premise deployment
🔷  Text / DB / Excel / API custom data source
🔷 Combination of text and premade image/video responses
🔷  Custom LLM or change the ChatGPT as the backbone

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