Let's Embrace Agile with Agileful

We are a rapidly growing team consisting of software developers, UI/UX designers and project managers headquartered in Berlin, Germany 

We always deploy up-to-date technologies; modern communication and management tools; and agile and flexible working manners. This enables us to maintain high-quality standards and on-time delivery while offering competitive fees. Our core values are to provide our developers with a tech-friendly and professional atmosphere, while maintaining a flat hierarchy and fair working conditions

Are you looking for a team that knows how to build a solid foundation and product life cycle that matches your vision and unique business model?


Product Team

A strong team of software developers, business analysts, QA engineers and project managers.


Agile Mindset

Open and efficient communication channels.


Latest Technology

In Mobile and Web application development.


Business Intelligence

Optimizing your outcomes —capitalizing on data.



Let's engage in your product development process.

I’ve been an active Software Engineer for 15 years now, with experience launching and scaling two startups in France and Germany. Throughout that duration, my professional record in Malaysia* and Germany has spanned multicultural and agile startup working environments.

My most recent venture to date has been TalentBridge GmbH, a service that connects tech talent from my MENA home area, to companies in Europe. TalentBridge has been active for over two years and has served over 10 clients in Berlin, Amsterdam, and London! We’ve seen rapid growth because we’ve strategically hired 18 high calibre developers and product managers and have a pool of 800 candidates eager to work with us.

I have been cooperating as CTO in residence for a French startup called jahan.info for about a year, building a very service-oriented microservice tech structure and architecture and managing a tech team at TalentBridge to develop the complex business intelligence product applying ML and data mining.

Via receiving and analysing feedback from clients; and carefully researching the outsourcing market, I’d figured out how the differences between a product-oriented and project-oriented approach in software development can affect the features of a startup or even a corporation.
Based on that, Agileful was founded with the core team from TalentBridge, who were aligned with the new company values to make a meaningful transformation into a product-oriented development company; becoming a mate for our partners and clients for the purposes of creating lovely products.

Sajad Kioumarsi